More about The James Michael Lee

Hi! I go by The James Michael Lee.
Dale and I bonded over design and shared values of promoting body positivity, gender issues and creating cool things.
A writer, artist, designer, inventor, life scientist, witch doctor and cheerleader are just a few of the titles and hats I wear.
I’m also a wordsmith, astrologohobbyist
I’ve got lots of styling, costuming and photography under my belt too. I’ve been around and apparently doing all the things this life time!
I’ve been involved in Toronto’s night life scene for over a decade. If there’s a cool event, I’ll come dressed for it! Have worn my fair share of crazy things. I don’t know if I call it drag but I love a good LEWK. If you’re gonna show up might as well SHOW UP!
I’ve done lots of community work in the HIV sector, years volunteering at AIDS Committee Toronto, and various roles within Asian Community AIDS Services. Activism and community have been themes in my life since youth and university LGBTQ’s+ queer organizations.
My specialities are in design, photography, communications and creative solutions finding.
I’m also a utopian at heart.
I hail from Vancouver, BC Canada if you’re curious about where I’m from
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