Build A Jock - Custom Jockstrap - STEP 5

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STEP #5 Pouch Elastic 

Your perfect custom jockstrap continues here at step 5. Choose your pouch elastic. You have a choice of matte or shiny in each color. This elastic goes along the edge of the pouch creating a perfect fit. 

M701 Matte Red

G901 Glossy Red

M702 Matte Orange

G902 Glossy Orange

M703 Matte Yellow

G903 Glossy Yellow

M704 Matte Green

G904 Glossy Green

M705 Matte Indigo

G905 Glossy Indigo

M706 Matte Blue

G906 Glossy Blue

M707 Matte Purple

G907 Glossy Purple

M708 Matte Pink

G908 Glossy Pink

M709 Matte Brown

G909 Glossy Brown

M710 Matte Chocolate Brown

G910 Glossy Chocolate Brown

M711 Matte Black

G911 Glossy Black

M712 Matte White

G912 Glossy White




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