STEP 7 - Build A Jock

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STEP #7 Additions 

 Your final step in your perfect Build a Jock. Say whatever you want however you want. 

Want to get even more creative? Customize your elastic band with vinyl lettering or go for the embroidery look to kick it up a notch. 

1” Vinyl Stencil Lettering

1 - 10 letters 10.00

10 - 20 letters 15.00

custom logos available please contact support for more info 


1” Embroidery Lettering Patch

6 letters including spaces  15.00

7-12 letters including spaces 20.00

Express - I need this shit now, line pass, $20

next business day shipping guaranteed


Express, also known as, oh my God I need that shit now. Gives your order a line bypass with next business day shipping guaranteed.