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It started with a jockstrap.
I wanted to create the perfect jockstrap. My network, friends and fans were always loving and requesting jockstraps! So I decided to make my own, and the best one I could make! And this passion project grew into DaleKuda.com, where we now offer several unique styles and designs because I like to keep it interesting!

where FUN, FASH, and FREEDOM
is what we LIVE for!

Our jockstraps and apparel is designed very personally here in Toronto, Canada -often in collaboration with other designers, influencers and/or brands.

"I wouldn't put my name on it unless I thought it was superb!"
I'm very hands-on and design and package each order with care. I'm also the one customizing your jocks so they fit PERFECT if you need it some custom adjustments! My #KUDAJOCKS jockstraps are designed with body, bulge, butt, and booty inclusivity in mind. We welcome and support your body and sexuality in whatever flavor, shape, size, or color it comes in.

I really like creating new and cool things and helping other's ideas become a reality. (We can make custom branded personal designs with you.)  Stay tuned for more fun, fashion and freedom.  

Thank you for your support! Follow us on any or all of our links. Tag us with #KUDAJOCKS and #DKme to be featured on our site. Let's make this world a more friendly, accepting, sexy and skin loving place! 

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-Dale Kuda, Founder


Dale Kuda

Dale Kuda
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