Influencers/Be Featured

We don’t give away free merch (yet!) as we absorb shipping and product costs ourselves and we’re a small business. Clout doesn’t always translate to sales either! But as self starters and content creators we want to help where we can. As both Dale and James are photographers too and well networked maybe we can help with generating content for you, so get in touch.
If you do want to become a part of our promoters list, support/buy and show off our jockstraps and apparel and use #KUDAJOCKS #DKme to get featured on our site and socials. DM us any pics we can use and your social media or other handles. We like to share the clout love.
If you’re confident in your influence reach out to us and we can give you your own code to promote and provide your followers with a sweet special. If you do generate some sales, we’ll definitely keep you on our list for when new merch, giveaways and promo comes out and can see about compensation.
We’re still starting out, as we grow, we hope you can with us too.
If you have a large following and ready to produce some merch (jockstraps are our speciality) more info on custom branded personalized options can be found here.