Custom Designed Branded Personalized Jockstraps

You interested in creating your own branded personalized jockstrap/product?
Do it with Dale Kuda.

It's a great way to offer something to your fans and network and make a buck!

Let my experience, expertise and connections help make it happen.
I love helping bring other's visions to life and making cool things.

I wanted to create my own jockstrap for my fans, followers and friends. There was lots of learning involved to make it happen and there continues to be. I'm happy to save you a bunch of time, mistakes, effort and money to help you create your own product. By going with us as well, you can skip the work of having to run your own online store and sell through us too.


Depending on how specialized your product needs are, this will affect everything from pricing, product development, timing of receiving the actual goods. There's a reason you don't see more designer jockstrap and clothing by individuals, it takes a serious time and financial commitment. By going with us we will work with you to make it as smooth as possible and we will be REAL with you about what it takes.

We can help with the design work but know there are limitations on what can be produced. There is a realistic element when mass producing something. To create a jock involves several materials and manufacturers, so going with existing supplies vs requiring new materials is a big factor to consider, as well as how complex and steps is required in your design. We can work with you to find the most economical way to still get your name and brand on something awesome!

Costing will range based on the product and quantities. At the bare minimum expect to spend at least $1,000 for a large enough order, which includes a size range. If you are ready to invest, have a budget in mind when contacting us! 

Depending on your budget and where we get the jocks made, this can affect how soon something can be in your hands. Some things can be turned around quick and others can take months, so plan accordingly.

We only handle larger scale orders at the moment (bare minimum $1,000) as suppliers require big enough batches. If you are looking for smaller batches or one-offs we can put you in touch with some designers. 

Know that the market and economies are always changing. Materials and supply chains may be affected, which can affect pricing and timing. These things are out of our control but we stay in constant touch with our suppliers.


If this all sounds good to you still, shoot us a message and let's talk about making your dream a sexy jock-strappy reality!

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